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Canon 1DsII

This of course is the flagship of Canon cameras. Now affordable second hand and for me the best 35mm digital camera available. The next step up for me is medium format and the Mamiya ZD which is also (amazingly) now affordable occasionally on eBay.

I do generally like the older Canon cameras. In fact I think I prefer the images from the original 1Ds to this mark II but the original is a bit slow in use so the Mark II takes over.

I think the older cameras were designed to immediately take over from film cameras of the day and so the images straight out of the camera look very much like film images, which I prefer. I find the same thing with the 3mp Canon 30D. Again, I prefer the images straight out of this camera compared to the 20d. And in this case, it is fast enough to use and I do often use it in preference to the 20d (more on that later).

2017 - bring this page up-to-date: This camera is now easily available second hand. But I still rate it as the No. 1 digital camera on the market..

Victoria, London, September 2017

Modern digital cameras are very smooth and very ‘modern’. We are getting more used to the pixel peeping smoothness and infinite detail as technology advances. But I’m afraid, for me, they are loosing the ‘feel’ of the older designs. I suppose much like the lovely old film cameras on this site, things have to move on...

For the moment, I’ve got a library picture below. I’ve built this page more specifically to put some portrait shots on here taken with this camera.


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